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{Aug 18, 2005}wha.....?
The wonderful people from Loveless Music Group have asked us to play for their "To Here Knows When" party at Scenic in NYC, August 31st. Other bands include My Best Fiend, Animal 57, IfWhen, with DJs from Autumn Thieves.

Wed. Aug. 31st
Scenic http://www.scenicnyc.com
Ave B btwn 2nd and 3rd
We go on first. At 8:00pm

{Apr 25, 2005}Compositions for Captivity
Tungsten74 will be playing music for Jenks' thesis performance. Jenks is getting his MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons. SoftVNS/Max/MSP video projections. Motion tracking of birds in flight, Conway's life algorithms, MIDI foot control, everything you need to step into the necessary visual auditory realm.
School is for Space.

The event will be on Tues. May 31st at Parsons in NYC. Tungsten goes on right at 7:30. Check it OUT.
{Apr 15, 2005}T74 on the Radio

WFMU, to be exact.
Maddie Fix will be playing "Grab the Slider" on her 9-10AM Saturday show, April 16. It should be on sometime in the first 20 minutes or so.

So wake up early, listen for Tungsten74, and then you can go back to bed.

{Mar 08, 2005}03-10 Show PrePress

"Northsix, March 10: You can often judge a person by the company she keeps, and the same is true for bands. Bonfire Madigan is a little string outfit led by the dynamic cellist Madigan Shive, who likes touring with the industrial-rock pioneers Laibach, so it's not surprising that she stirs up a ruckus. With the exceedingly adventurous bassist CJ Boyd and the local experimental-rock band Tungsten74." (New Yorker, 03-15-05)

You hear that? The New Yorker calls us a "band". CHECKMATE!!!
{Mar 02, 2005}Northsix Show
Thursday March 10th.
w/ Bonfire Madigan & C.J. Boyd.
We declare this show to be awesome.

Directions to the club HERE.
{Feb 13, 2005}Southpaw Show
We'll be playing on Tuesday, Feb. 15 at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We're playing on a bill with Skeleton Key and Pablo. We will play, you will drink. There will be no discussion.

Check out the club HERE
{Jan 27, 2005}Homecoming
Welcome us back from tour on Saturday, February 5 at Northsix in Brooklyn. We'll be playing with Rainer Maria and Tristeza. We're on at 9pm, come by and say hello....

...and look for our diary of the "2 extra days tour" sometime this February
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