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{Jul 25, 2001}-W74 NEWS-The latest full length Await Further Instructions is now in Canada. It is reproducing like gremlins to be sold to you, our valued listeners. Stay tuned.While you wait, come to LUNA LOUNGE July 30th @ 10:00 for free music and ICE CREAM
{Jul 19, 2001}---SHOW Mon, July 30th----
Luna Lounge, on Ludlow st. 1/2 a block south of Houston.
10:00 PM sharp. click here for MORE
{Jul 10, 2001}---SHOW THIS WEDNESDAY---
with The Big Sleep and Ambulette
@ the Charleston in williamsburg
N. 7th & Bedford Ave.
1st. L-stop in Brooklyn.
These dogs will definitely HUNT.
{Jun 15, 2001}If you want to see our backsides then check out the LIVE show in the sound section. If you want CDs or baby tees check out the merchandise link in the other section. If you want to get a scholastic beat down click HERE
{Jun 12, 2001}--SHOW THIS WEDNESDAY--
9:00-Brown Apple Betty
9:30-Mercury Radio Theater
10:30-Tungsten 74
11:30-Prime Ministers
@The Charleston, Bedford & N. 7th, Brooklyn. FREE
{Jun 06, 2001}--SHOW THIS FRIDAY--
10:00-big sleep
@the shipsmast, williamsburg, brooklyn.On Kent Ave. @ S.5th. Walk down Kent and listen for the ROCK.
{May 26, 2001}Thanks to everyone who came out to Brownies and/or the Lakeside Lounge. Our next show is June 8th @ The Shipsmast in Williamsburg. We will be playing with the Big Sleep. BEWARE
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